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Join one of the world's most recognizable artists and designer Wyland! Wyland's vision is to create global awareness for the ocean's magnificent marine life through paintings, sculpture, public art and education and ocean exploration.

Wyland along with Detroit Public Television bring to you the beginning of an amazing public television series where in each episode Wyland will teach you how to paint his favorite subjects from whales and dolphins to rivers, oceans and wetlands.

Wyland focuses to raise awareness of the beauty of life on our blue planet. He draws and paints in the same motion, blocking in the shape of the animal, keeping everything in perspective with his light source.

Using Ecco friendly nontoxic art materials, now the whole family can paint together. With ecological tips at the end of every show you can't help but be inspired to paint the beauty of the earth with Wyland in his art studio!

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Wyland Glazing Medium

Wyland Glazing Medium



Orca Techinque DVD

Orca Techinque DVD